Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wi-Fi Hotspots While on the Road

Travel much?  Running into areas where you aren't able to connect to the internet can cost big time.

With these tips, you'll be able to find free wi-fi while travelling in no time!

If you already have a wireless account with, let's say, Verizon or T-Mobile, you've already pre-empted the possibility of being 'wi-fi-less'.

But, what if you've hit a cell coverage dead spot?  Or, if you are travelling overseas without the acces of your cell phone providers wireless footprint?

Learn how to be a free wi-fi 'bandit' with these great tips from an article written on Huffington Post Canada... 

Here is a very useful link for finding free wi-fi hotspots using an App on your Android or iPhone Device device!  Visit The Cloud and Download the WiFi Finder App!

Do you have any tips for finding Wi-Fi hotspots while travelling?  Let us and others know by commenting in the box below!

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