Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tempted to Bring Your Laptop on Vacation? Read this...

Going on a vacation soon and wondering if you should bring your laptop with you?  If only it were an easy answer.  Join us as we share our thoughts about laptops on vacation.

The first factor to consider is are you REALLY going on vacation is you bring your laptop?  Of course you'll want to check your email, and maybe even post pics / updates on social sites.

Invariably, these harmless acts will result in some sort of work being done, ie. checking work email, logging into a company CRM, seeing if Roger down the hall got a promotion etc...

And, doesn't this defeat the purpose of vacation if you're chained to your laptop?

In addition, what are your spouse and friends going to say when you're not joining them at the cabana for a Mai Tai?